Saturday, September 12, 2009

Composition writing about An Accident At the MRT

Composition done during my tuition lesson.

Boys will always be boys. This was what happened to my brother, Tim, last year.

Ravi had arranged with Tim to go tothe pond near Yishun to fish. They had decided to meet at the MRT station. As they heard the train approaching, they ran up the escalator. Ravi, who wanted to have fun, said to Tim, "Race you!" and he was off like a rocket. Tim, who acepted the challange also rushed up. It so happened that our neighbour, uncle Jo, was also at the MRT station. He was walking up the stairs when the boys raced past him. He advised them to stop runing, but his advice fell on deaf ears. "Ignorant boys," he muttered, shaking his head is disbelief. there was no one else there except them as it was three in the afternoon.

I, on the other hand was walking to the escalator, humming gaily. I was on my way to the Jurong East library to meet my friend, Lily, to do a project with her. I was shocked to see the boys playing on the escalator. Tim saw me and waved but I shot him a stern stare. Realizing that would not listen to any advice, i messafed my mother about Tim behaviour in the public. I looked up, expecting the boys to be running off the escalator now. Horrors of all horrors! Tim had slipped and fell. He was now rolling down the escalator. Ravi was at the top end looking hopelessly at me. I knew I was Tim's only hope. I stretched out my hand to break Tim's fall. I walked off the escalator and piggbacked Tim up. I settled the now bawling off Tim onto a chair. He had twisted his ankle. I figured that uncle Jo must hve called Mom and Dad were at the station in no time. Mum was carrying a first aid box. Muttering under her breath, Mother proceeded to apply cold compress on Tim's ankle. Not wanting to be late, I boarded the next MRT train and waved goodbye to my parents, leaving Tim in their good hands.

that night, tim promised Mum and Dad, "I will not to it again." I couldn't believe it. Neither could Mum, for we know too well - boys will always be boys.

By School Composition Singapore

Primary 4 - 2009

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